We help doctors

Rarus Health – a digital assistant of a multidisciplinary team in work with complicated clinical cases

To help the patient as efficiently
as possible, but do not work 24/7

To communicate with the best specialists and constantly deepen your knowledge

To act in the paradigm
of a multidisciplinary approach

How we help doctors

The complete clinical picture at glance. The complete anamnesis in your EHR in one click.
Spend your time on patient, not medical records.

Complicated clinical cases are not for all!
Share your unique experience!
Involve colleagues to demonstrate
your expertise and share it!
We will help you to build your international professional network!

More complicated clinical cases in less time!
We will help you to use your time more efficiently
and help more patients.

Are you a paramedic?
You often work with patients
with disabilities blindly, losing sight of the big picture.
We will help you to look at the patient’s case completely!

Do you want to become our co-developer and test the platform, having the opportunity to use it for free?

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