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Rarus Health
is a trusted partner
for patient communities

Creates records, collects information, advocates for access
to treatment using an evidence-based approach of patients

If you are the leader
of a patient organization, Rarus Health will help you generate changes for your community

We help you to be visible:

to collect data on the number of patients
with specific diseases, unmet needs and understand 
the development of a disease.

With specific numbers backing up your community, your advocacy will be evidence-based!collect data on the number of patients with specific diseases,
unmet needs and understand the development 
of a disease.

Does your disease have no specific treatment and are you thinking about how to contribute to the development of medicines?

We will help your community to plan a registry focused on the patient and his family.

It is difficult to find specialists with experience
in rare diseases in one place.

Let’s create a virtual center dedicated
to the management of your disease! 

Our digital technology will help connect your community with a multidisciplinary
team of specialists.

Our users say

«Rarus Health has been a true lifeline for our family and the entire Williams Syndrome community. They really heard our problem - chewing difficulties - and made the effort to develop a specialized digital food diary for our children.
This has been an invaluable experience. Not only have they connected us with experienced professionals, but they have also created a virtual clinic that simplifies our daily tasks. Rarus Health has been a trusted partner in our journey.»

Veronika Grigorieva (Israel),
Maria's mother, a kid with Williams syndrome and Head of patient community

If you would like advice on creating a registry for patient communities, please leave your contacts

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